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Donna has made friends on Facebook and has started her own closed group. Our Development Worker, Fiona helps her to post photos of her paintings and Donna gets some lovely comments from her friends. She attends classes Artspace in Perth and produces some beautiful paintings.
Donna Kernachan
Kirsten and I have worked collaboratively for over ten years to create art and design together. In order to produce a diverse range of artwork we choose to work on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper and cotton fabric using different paint effects with brush, diffuser drip and pour methods.  Then we add detail with the use of oil pastels, paint pens and appliqué and mixed media.  Kirsten has successfully promoted and sold her amazing artwork through local events, solo exhibitions and galleries including the Gallery on the Corner in Edinburgh since 2007. Kirsten was commissioned to design a Christmas card for the Thistle foundation in 2013 and she produces her own set of card designs of artwork which she sells in galleries in Edinburgh. You can see Kirsten’s current artwork collection in Space Artworks in Morningside in 410 Morningside Road Edinburgh or you can view Kirsten’s page on the website   (Sarah Galliers)