Our Mission
Equal Futures
Our mission, vision and values The purpose of our organisation is to support families who have someone with a disability to build a Circle around that person for their lifetime.  This gives family carers peace of mind that even after they are gone their relative will continue to live a good life which has:- Lasting friendships Genuine choices Meaningful inclusion in their community. We provide long term commitment to the person, their family, and their Circle. We recognise that other vulnerable groups will also benefit from our approach; wellbeing will be improved with a stronger network of informal support. We are able to work with people who have learning disabilities, people with complex support, older people and people with mental health issues. Our values put the person and their family at the heart of all that we do.  We value meaningful participation in everyday life, with achievable goals to work towards.  We recognise the contributions everyone can make to be an equal citizen. Caring relationships which are not dependent on paid staff are fundamental in ensuring vulnerable people have equality in their experiences of life.
Our Aims Our purpose is to end loneliness and isolation for people with disabilities.  Many people have paid support, some will rely on family members to care for them.  People will have their basic needs met but not necessarily the wider aspects of wellbeing.  A good quality of life includes opportunities to form lasting friendships and to take part in everyday activities.  The aim of a Circle is to ensure that the person has an informal structure of people who will be involved for the long term throughout the person’s life, so that they can flourish.
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